Stained Glass Design for Windows

Where do we start?


With your ideas...

Christ Lutheran Church in Wantagh came to us with symbols they wanted in their stained glass windows, as well as a desire to turn their rectangular windows into gothic shapes. 





After taking exact measurements, we built on their suggestions and offered several solutions...


What do we present to you?

               Several design suggestions for you to choose from....


Design "A"
- Simple rectangle background
- Border with pointed arch top
- Central symbol


Design "B"
- Diamond background
- Border with arch top and triangles
- Central Symbol

Design "B" Color
- Color suggestion for varied tints in diamond background with intense color in symbol

Then we make several color suggestions....

                                   From which you choose your preference





Design "C"-1
- Cruciform background
-Central symbol within circle

Design "C"-2
- Rectilinear background
-Central symbol with deeper color

Design "C"-3
- Freeform background
- Central symbol in fired paint and silver stain








Symbol: Bread and Wine  Symbol: Easter Lilies  Symbol: Holy Spirit 

Then we design original symbols or figures. You see full-size drawings and color palette we will use for your church.


Finally you will see your original idea or concept realized in your church.


Holy Spirit symbol traced, matted, and kiln-fired with silver stain applied for the yellow glow behind the dove.

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